Nuance Studio - A world where imagination and creativity lead to the dynamics of product design. As you take a tour, see how limitations begin to disappear. And when we introduce you to the properties of this outstanding material - Litheoz, a whole new area of handcrafted and customized living will begin to unfold in your minds. Explore Creativity, limitless.

Nuance Studio channels the tremendously customizable abilities of Litheoz personalize your world, down to the smallest detail.

Litheoz has ushered in a brand new era of handcrafted and customized design.

We are equipped with designers who realize the potential of Litheoz and skilfully use it to help you bring your ideas to life. By combining the best of traditional and modern mold-making and casting methods, we are able to make the design you envision, a reality



Litheoz combines a high degree of malleability with super strength to create an endless range of products. Thanks to its moldable nature, a range of products from simple forms to complex patterns can be created in line with your needs.

At present, we have created monolithic washbasins, shower trays, countertops for kitchen and general use, cantilevered furniture, large wall panels with minimal thickness, exterior furniture, and even small items like clocks and table-top accessories. We are constantly adding to these verticals to suit your needs and push the boundaries of design.



With superfine grains and high particle packing density, Litheoz is able to replicate even the most intricate mold details with incredible accuracy. Leather, fabric, leaves, and other numerous textures have been deftly created as per customer-request with an ever-growing room for newer possibilities.

Nuance Studio offers three standardized textures - smooth, distressed and travertine. Litheoz creates these patterns naturally (rather than replicating from a source), thereby giving you unique handcrafted products every time!



The base color of Litheoz is white. It is homogeneously colored using the highest grade of UV resistant pigments. The colorfastness of these pigments ranges between 7 and 8 (8 being the highest).

This allows the carefree use of the products in indoor and outdoor spaces. Homogenous mixing of pigments into Litheoz naturally creates distinct mottled tones that give a natural and earthy appeal.

Earth white
Blue Fog
Iced Steel
Burnt Orange
Melted Alloy
Hushed Cream
Muted Ash
Melted Alloy
Hushed Cream
Iced Steel
Desert Dune
Indian Grey
Powdered Mocha
Earth White
Burnt Orange
Nomadic Beige
Powdered Mocha
Floral Pink
Powdered Pink
Floral Pink
Prussian Blue
Floral Pink
Purple Ore
Floral Pink
Sage Green
Floral Pink
Urban Taupe


Shaped by skilled craftsmen down to the last detail, every customised design is carefully nurtured and produced. Final embellishments to the product can be made in endless ways.

Gold gilding

Nuance Studio introduces you to the luxury side of concrete. We use the state of the art technology to create a perfect blend of materials and designs that bring elegance and add style to your spaces. Transform ordinary interiors into luxurious experiences with our bespoke designs and precise craftsmanship.

And Yes! We are concrete about our passion.